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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I roll out my power strip?

Spring, summer, and fall is the best time. It only takes days to germinate after watering, then only 2-4 weeks to grow to edible size for your Buckzilla! (or your favorite 10 inch long beard you covet!)

Which side faces the ground?

Roll out with Green side down and white side up.

What is in my power strip and what is it made of exactly?

ROFP is pressed into a 100% biodegradable wood mulch fiber, just like the professional hydro seeder machines use along highways. ROFP contains over 10x's the recommended seeding rate of seed per sq ft. That is why you only need a small power strip like ROFP to easily create your own personal and private food plot and hold the game in place in the specific area you most desire. It is shipped to you ready to use when you are.

Where should I roll out my power strip?

Roll it out in your own private location in close proximity to your hunting or viewing spot. In the woods, in a field, alongside game trails is ideal. Try to pick a spot where there is at least 2 hours of full sunlight.

How do I plant my ROFP power strip?

Simply rake back any leaves, dead tree limbs or other ground debris to reveal topsoil. Roll out on top of the soil making sure the ROFP is in good contact with the soil. After rolling out in your desired locale, ad water liberally to ignite seed germination and for good measure roll out prior to rain or use creek or stream water to thoroughly soak your ROFP initially.

What is the shelf life of my ROFP power strip?

If for some reason you do not use your ROFP or all of your ROFP, it will last fine for 2-3 years as long as it is stored in a cool dry place.

Does my ROFP power strip grow back?

Your ROFP will grow back like grass does. You will be amazed. Once the deer and turkey locate it and do their grazing, it continues to grow. It will re-grow 2-3 years, getting thicker each season. Keep in mind this is where the 10x seeding rate comes in to play, for a thick and lush crop and packed with Protein too. It is an addictive formula and will be sure to draw a crowd quickly!

Why is it in a "roll out " form unlike the type where you use a spreader?

Many reasons. The roll out technology helps by, A: keeping all the seed perfectly distributed for an even seed growth and spacing. B: keeps seeds in place so they do not wash away or float away with heavy down pours. C: provides a quick- germination 'habitat', that helps with nutrition during germination and one more thing, it helps keep the birds from eating them! We realize not everyone has a tractor, tiller, ATV and spreader. This why ROFP is so convenient and easy. Anyone can do it, anywhere, anytime and get results (that you may only see on TV!)

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